The Big 5 Impact Awards Judges

Bhanu Shekhar

Chief Commercial Officer | GE Digital [Power Generation]

Bhanu Shekhar is the Chief Commercial Officer for GE’s Digital business focused on Power Generation sector. He oversees the digital transformation of power and is responsible for the software and analytics to drive business growth around the globe.

Prior to this, Bhanu was Chief Digital Officer for Power Digital across Africa, India and the Middle East, leading the power sector’s transformation in more than 30 countries and driving significant business growth for our customers and GE Power.

Bhanu has held leadership positions in multiple GE businesses, including Electrical Distribution, Power Conversion and Power Generation. He has 15+ years of experience in GE; starting with Aircraft Engines in 2002, operating in multiple geographies including China, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

A veteran in Digital & IOT technology, Bhanu has played an essential role in the digital transformation of various industrial complexes across the region, leading large efficiency and reliability improvement projects for power generation and LNG terminals.

Bhanu earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from Mysore University. He is currently headquartered in the UAE