The Big 5 Impact Awards Judges

Ann Rosenburg

Senior VP for UN Partnerships and Global Head of SAP Next-Gen | SAP

Ann Rosenberg leads SAP Next-Gen, a purpose driven innovation university and community aligned with SAP's commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and supporting SAP's 425,000+ customers across 25 industries and 7 lines-of-business in 180+ countries.

The community leverages 3,850+ educational institutions in 118 countries, 160+ SAP Next-Gen labs/hubs at universities and at partner and SAP locations, 189+ SAP Next-Gen Chapters, 35+ innovation with purpose communities through a partnership with Startup Guide, a growing global network of 50+ FQ Lounge @ Campus locations in a partnership with The Female Quotient, 15 purpose focused innovation labs in a collaboration with UN Technology Innovation Labs, as well as startups, accelerators, tech community partners, venture firms, impact investors and philanthropists, futurists, and purpose driven institutions. The community also leverages SAP's 100+ innovation, development and customer experience centers and SAP's network of 19,800+ partner companies.

SAP Next-Gen connects companies around the world to academic thought leaders and researchers, students, startups, accelerators, tech community partners, purpose driven partners, venture firms, futurists, and SAP experts to reimagine the future of industries and the intelligent enterprise; seed in disruptive innovation with startups; build skills for digital futures; and use new mindsets such as science fiction thinking and initiatives such as #sheinnovates to accelerate "Innovation with Purpose" linked to the UN SDGs.

Companies can benefit from SAP Next-Gen services as well as events where digital innovators come together in an open "innovation with purpose" community to foster the future of industries with SAP's latest technologies and in support of SAP's commitment to the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

SAP Next-Gen drives a convergence of "Innovation with Purpose" and "Innovation 3.0," the new frontier for accelerating solutions to the UN Global Goals. By crowdsourcing the embedded knowledge of a global community of startups, accelerators, corporates, purpose driven institutions, academia, and citizens, global communities of innovators can rapidly uncover new solutions to address the UN Global Goals.

Ann is the global lead for #sheinnovates in collaboration with UN Women, to drive industry-wide action to make innovation and technology work better for young women and girls.