The Big 5 Impact Awards Judges

Ursula Hartenberger

Global Head of Sustainability | RICS

Ursula Hartenberger heads up RICS’ strategy on climate change and sustainable development, building on experience in the area of environmental and Corporate Responsibility issues gained within a number of multi-national organisations in the logistics and chemicals sectors.

As RICS Global Head of Sustainability she has been instrumental in shaping the organisation’s strategic approach towards sustainable development issues.

Ursula is a member of a series of international sustainable development and responsible investment platforms and UN steering groups and has been closely involved in RICS and stakeholder publications and initiatives regarding the business case for sustainability and ethical practices in the built environment and associated investment decision-making. 

As part of RICS commitment to the objectives of the UN Global Compact, Ursula initiated and led a joint Global Compact and RICS sectoral project with the objective of translating the Compact’s Ten Principles and the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals for sector stakeholders through a whole life cycle approach. The resulting resource Advancing Responsible Business Practices in Land, Construction, Real Estate Use and Investment – Making the Sustainable Goals a Reality identifies the most critical sectoral issues and provides guidance on how to take practical action on how to address them.

Ursula has been actively driving the work of the UN Environment-led Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction of which she is a founding member and where she is chairing a dedicated work stream on building data and information. In addition, over the years, she has been closely cooperating with the UNEP FI Property Working Group on a number of projects and reports. 
Most recently, she was appointed chair of the Taxonomy Buildings Sector group within the EU Commission’s Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance.